Are you searching for an apartment in Houston, Texas? If you are new to the Houston area, please consider using one of our apartment experts to help you make informed decisions about the Houston metro area. The first thing you should be aware of is Houston doesn’t have zoning laws for real estate. A residential neighborhood can be located next to a chemical plant if they own the property. Many people relocating to Houston for the first time are very unhappy when they realize a few months after moving they live in an undesirable area. Most people relocating to Houston the first time want to live close to school or work to limit their commute. We can help you find a safe apartment close to your work or school but also make sure the apartment community includes the amenities your lifestyle requires.

Rental rates in Houston change daily so the actual rent you pay will depend on your move date. It’s never too early to start looking and doing your research, but keep in mind the rental rate may change slightly during the search process. Our team will confirm the rental rate at each property you are interested in, based on your move date. No one knows more about Houston apartments than an experienced apartment locator. Trust me, we hear all the stories and will help you eliminate properties that don’t meet our criteria.

Below is a sample of apartments we work with in Houston. We work with practically every neighborhood so feel free to search our apartment map to search by bedroom type and rental rate.